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    Frequent Questions

    How long has your company been around?

    On Data's experts has been in the IT sector from a decade ago. We initially began as a global provider of whole IT solutions. 

    What procedure does On Data use when starting a project?

    On Data is a process-driven organisation, and we strictly adhere to the industry's 5-Step Proven Process. 

    Plan ➜ Create ➜ Verify ➜ Acceptance ➜ Delivery 

    We adhere to the three Ps: Process, Purpose, and Principles 

    Why should we trust you?

    Most of the awards of trusted data-driven platforms have gone to On Data. 

    Building your trust can be done here - Awards, that On Data Receives. 

    How can I make sure that my company continues to be more visible online than its opponents?

    The On Data team's professionals are fully equipped to analyse the methods your opponents are employing to market their companies. We research them so that we can develop our own defences. To deliver positive outcomes to our esteemed clients, we regularly monitor it and adjust it as necessary. 

    Does On Data commit that my website will be accessible at all times?

    You won't get lost on the internet since there are systems to adhere to. Your successful online presence is guaranteed by our expertise. There may be a few times when search engine policy changes cause your position to change, but rest assured that our alert staff will work to get you back in the game.  

    How do I keep my website updated?

    Smaller static websites only need to be renewed on schedule for maintenance. Larger websites or applications, however, necessitate a lot of maintenance labour, necessitating the use of specialist expertise. On Data has a fully functional team for successfully completing Annual Maintenance Contract for similar projects. You can phone or submit an inquiry to learn more about it.  

    What would happen if my website needed to be redone? 

    Since redesigning is a customised job, it varies from instance to case. However, the procedure is to get in touch with our sales/marketing team, who will assess your needs and research the current systems to determine the cost. Since technology and trends change frequently, it is usually advised to build a new website.  

    Do you have a documentation procedure in place before beginning any projects?

    We adhere to procedures for all of our initiatives. For each one separately, we undoubtedly have a well-defined documentation system. Starting with a proposal and quotation, moving on to placing a purchase order, gathering requirements, creating an SRS document, and signing an NDA and other contracts or agreements. We adhere to a strategy for regular reporting as well. For records, all significant communications are sent by email. 

    How should I contact On Data?

    To get in touch with us, Visit - Contact Us 

    How can I explore if my required industries are served by On Data or not?

    The industries we serve here are categorised on On Data's Industry Page 

    Note: Please let us know if you can't find your preferred industry. You can also contact us to receive the answer to your question. On Data is ready to respond to any inquiries. Visit - Contact Us 

    What does it mean to have custom design or development?

    Design and development that are made to order are the same. It makes sure the application is created based on the preferences of the customer. At the structural level itself, the client's present and future demands are taken care of. On Data is an expert in providing bespoke solutions.  

    Will I own the website I create?

    We respect each client's work as their own because the website is created specifically for them. Therefore, we have no issues if the client wants to preserve the controls and manage them independently. However, the payment conditions may differ from case to case in some circumstances where application development is done utilising proprietary codes.  

    What characterizes passive design from dynamic design? 

    The most basic web pages are passive websites. Only a skilled developer and designer can alter the text and images, if necessary. Contrarily, a dynamic website offers a system for admin users to log in using an ID and password and make changes to the site in real-time using a backend control panel. Pictures, text, figures, or anything else that was intended to be modified when the site was being developed can all be changed.  

    Do I have to keep my website with you indefinitely, or can I transfer it to another provider if I so desire? 

    With our clientele, we prefer to pursue long-term relationships. Our entire effort is focused on it. However, if a client chooses to switch to another service provider for any reason, we will not object. We offer the necessary information for the situation. However, we do ensure that the debts are paid in full on the accounting side.  

    Will search engines be able to find my website?

    Your website needs to be well-promoted if you want people to find it on search engines. Making a website search engine friendly requires a variety of elements. We provide these services to clients that want their websites to rank well in searches for particular keywords. Some of the digital marketing services for getting your website on search engines are SEO and SMO.  

    How do we expect to be paid On Data payments?

    Domestic customers can conveniently make payments online through the website using credit/debit cards, net banking, etc., or they can choose to make direct bank transfers using NEFT or RTGS. PayPal is the payment method we allow for clients from abroad.  

    What technologies do your experts work on in terms of mobile apps?

    On platforms like Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone, etc., we can work. The newest trends, like Flutter, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, IoT, and more, are available to our mobile developers. 

    Owning a website with capabilities that are similar to those of a mobile application is not necessary. You can start by creating an app with a single-page website. Additionally, you might go with a responsive website that has features comparable to those of an application.

    Are there any additional fees for web development services?

    No, we first talk about the price in light of the needs. Until you make any changes to the project specifications, we keep to the pricing that was offered. 

    Do we require a face-to-face meeting?

    There is no need to see the client in person because we are already working all over the world. We do require ongoing communication with the client. In order to connect and communicate this, we employ digital technology, such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Skype. We use software tools to remotely access their systems and handle things. We even do it for our local clientele because it saves time and money.  

    How should I contact On Data? 

    To get in touch with us, Visit - Contact Us 

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